Is Indian Christianity built on frauds and forgeries?

Christianity in India: Historical frauds
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Is Indian Christianity built on frauds and forgeries? find the following write-up which gives connecting details of historical frauds carried on by the Christians, of course other details about the Christian healing centre, which has been in news for alleged killing of many and disposing the bodies.

The Indian historians have to respond how such questionable activities have been going on in the name of history and all historians are keeping quite?

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Christian faith healing mafia centre in Kerala secretly cremated murdered bodies

If you think ‘COMA’ type stories are possible only in the Western world, think again.  In

Kerala, the church is involved in murders of the christian faithful, who come to their faith

healing centre.  Recently in Tamil Nadu, four bishops stole Rs 40 crore meant for the

Tsunami victims and some of them are arrested under goondas act.  Kidney sale is a fact

in Tamil Nadu and some 500 poor persons were forced to sell their kidneys to the christian

hospitals operating there.

On 10 March 2006, the Kerala High Court issued an order with an ultimatum to the

government to make a thorough investigation on the public allegation against the Christian

Divine Retreat Centre in Muringoor in Kerala state, India. Justice Padmananbhan Nair has

ordered the government to make a thorough investigation about sexual abuse, homicide,

foreign exchange violation, forceful conversion, abduction, intimidation and imprisonment

of unwilling residents at the center.  The court decided to conduct the inquiry after

receiving a complaint from a former christian employee of the centre.  Some of the

inmates had made two video CDs and sent a letter to the court for necessary action

against the christian faith racket that was going on in Kerala with political and police

protection.  Divine Retreat Centre, started in the eighties, is a christian mafia faith healing

centre.  For several years, the general public and civic leaders have complained against

Muringoor Christian center about the foreign currency violation, sex abuse, misdemeanor,

felony, forceful conversion, murder, rape and abduction and medical malpractice

committed at the center. The Kerala christian Churches are organized on the lines of

Italian mafia and have undue influence on the government and government officials have

turned a deaf year to the public plea against the anti social activities at the Center.

Reluctantly, government has appointed IG Winson M Paul to investigate the Muringoor

Divine center.  The Marxist communist government of Kerala ordered only a partial

investigation for fear of Christian backlash.

One of the Muringoor Divine Center Director George Panackal filed a law suit demanding

one crore rupees for the police investigation and the High Court had dismissed the

frivolous law suit.  Pinaroy Vijayan, General Secretary of the Marxist communist Party,

who was recently caught with live cartridges at Chennai airport, paid a visit to the Center

and praised and admired their activities in public thus endorsing their illegal activities.

Many inmates were murdered for their wealth and the centre used to secretly cremate

murdered bodies at the corporation graveyard in Kalamassery. Divine Retreat Centre is

involved in illegal foreign funding to criminal and other activities.  Many inmates were gone

missing from this christian mafia centre over the years.  It has been stated that almost

twenty bodies have been burnt in the last four years alone. Dasan, the watchman of the

corporation graveyard in Kalamassery said that he used to get Rs 750 for burning each

body and that it was the same person who used to bring the bodies from the divine centre

always. A christian doctor, Dr Thankamma Francis of the divine centre was the doctor who

always used to issue death certificate to all those bodies cremated secretly.  It should be

noted that christians are not cremated in Kerala and are buried.  The police investigation

was carried out in Divine Retreat Centre on 30 September and 1 October 2006.

Sonia Gandhi had put christians in many states as the Inspector General of Police and

Kerala is also a christian by name Winson M. Paul.  The Kerala government had put

Page 2

Winson M. Paul for enquiring the illegal activities in the Divine faith healing centre and

constituted a police team under him based on the court directive. Several public servants

such as Inspectors General of Police and the wife of a State Minister are closely

associated with the functioning of the Divine Centre. They are also members of the

Advisory Body of the centre.  A group of senior IAS, IPS and other government officials of

Kerala are working behind this “underworld” operations of the faith healing centre. This

centre receives huge funds from the Social Welfare Department of Kerala government.

Some 9000 people are on the voters list of the christian faith healing centre.

The congress party in India is christian controlled.  The Italian catholic christian, Antonia

Maino alias Sonia Gandhi is the president of the congress party of India.   The congress

party of Kerala state is headed by a christian who is a front man of a Dubai based audio

video piracy firm that operates on a much bigger scale worldwide than that of Dawood

Ibrahim’s set up in Dubai. Christian politicians of Kerala like Umman Chandi and K.M.Mani

were funded by this centre.  Congress party members boycotted the Kerala assembly

proceedings when police raided the christian faith healing centre in Muringoor, Kerala.

The christian leaders like K M Mani tried to paint that police misbehaved towards christian

patients including women at the centre to divert the public attention from the main issue of

dozens of murders in the christian faith healing centre. The christian K.M. Mani was a

former law minister and claimed that police violated norms in the Criminal Procedure Code

and harassed HIV/AIDS patients who were being cured at the Divine faith healing centre.

K. M. Mani, on 3 October 2006 at the Divine Retreat Centre stated that the faith healing

centre has become an oasis for the poor, sick people abandoned by medical science and

a home of refuge for the mentally challenged people. He said that he always visited the

centre as he also felt mentally challenged at times.

After cornering the private education field in Kerala with the political clout, the Kerala

christians are now concentrating on medical field to raise funds for the christian

conversion work going on in India manned by the Kerala christians.  With the advent of

AIDS the christian church concentrated on faith healing to make money.  The faith healing

centers are a method to extract the last drop of blood from AIDS patients, drug addicts

and the like. The christian priests and nuns, who form the slave labor force of the church

runs educational institutions and medical centers. The christian priest Fr.Augustine

Vallooran, a Director of Divine Retreat Centre was arrested by the police.

A Christian fanatic has issued a death threat to Justice Padmanabhan Nair for ordering

the state government to probe the unlawful and anti social activities of the Muringoor

Christian Divine Center. The Marxist endorsement reinforced the Center to continue illegal

activities and motivated the Christian extremist to issue death threat against Justice

Padmananbhan Nair. The death threat was sent to Justice Padmanabhan Nair from an

Ernakulum Telephone Booth. The death threat was specifically made to Justice

Padmanabhan Nair warning him that he will be murdered for ordering investigation against

the illegal activities and forceful homicide at the Christian Divine Center. The death threat

against Justice Padmanabhan Nair shows the danger to India from the radical Christianity

of India and its unholy nexus between the Marxist Party.

Page 3

The Kerala christians, who call themselves as Syrian christians and claim that they are

decedents of Brahmin converts of St. Thomas, are the typical example of the christian

frauds.  The history of Christianity is crowded with crimes against humanity of the most

horrendous kind.    As many as 23,000 blatant forgeries and foisting of pious frauds were

done by christians. Starting with Jesus Christ, the entire doctrinal and institutional edifice

of Christianity rests on a series of staggering swindles and lies. The book ‘Native life of

Travancore’ written by The Rev. Samuel Mateer F L S  and published in 1883 have a

chapter called Syrian Christians from page 158.  Rev. Samuel Mateer while traveling

throughout Kerala had stayed in many places and had talked with many of the Kerala

Syrian christians.  He found that none of the converts have heard of Jesus Christ and

does not know why a cross was being worshiped.  Kotarakara Syrian church doorway was

sketched in his book and it shows a cock engraved along with the cross and armed

figures.  The book clearly indicates that the Syrian Christians of Kerala are the

untouchable Hindu caste called ‘Paraya community’ converts.  The marriageable ages of

boys were 10 years, and that of the girls were 7 years.  The married couple can enter the

house only after ‘nellum niram’ and with the lamp in the hand of the girl.  The women

make ‘kurava’ a shrill cry during this time.  Fasting for the dead are kept for a year by a

relative in the family. Syrian Christians consult sorcerers and offerings are made to the

demons (Hindu Gods).  When the head of the untouchable Hindu Paraya  community is

dead, as per the customary caste law of Parayas, they bury the corpus of the deceased

head Parayas or moopan  in sitting posture instead of the usual practice of keeping the

dead body in lying position. Primitive burial practices of Parayas are still being practiced

by the Syrian christians in Kerala.  The Syrian Christians of Kerala bury the corpse of their

christian bishops in the same manner as the Hindu Parayas who bury their head Parayas

or Moopan.  The historical records and even the burial patterns show that Syrian

christians of Kerala are Paraya converts. Syrian Christians of Kerala maintained the ritual

of offering obsequies for the souls of the dead ancestors as that of the practice of

Parayas.  The obsequies for the dead ancestors contained blood, flesh and intoxicating

drinks. These are all typical local Kerala customs of Paraya community.  Pope Benedict

XVI in 2006 said that St Thomas had preached Christianity in “western” India and did not

visit Kerala.  The Kerala Paraya christian converts created two conflicting stories to show

that they are of higher Hindu caste converts to Christianity.  One group of Paraya

christians, created a story that they were converts of Brahmins, by St. Thomas who had

arrived in Kerala in 52AD.  This fake St. Thomas story is proved to be a fraud after the

present Nazi Pope Joseph Ratzinger, who was a Hitler Youth and head of Opus Dei, told

that St. Thomas visited the present Pakistan and never went to Kerala.  This crooked

Paraya christians of Kerala operating from Tamil Nadu even created martyrdom for St.

Thomas in Chennai, in a fake story in which st. Thomas was killed by a Brahmin.  They

destroyed the Kapileswara temple near the seashore with the help of Europeans and

constructed a St. Thomas church using some of the temple stones.  These Paraya

christians of Kerala created a St. Thomas mount in Chennai from where they are now

selling sacred Thomas sand by the kilos, claiming that Thomas walked all over that area.

Another group of Paraya christian converts of Kerala claims that they are refugees from

Syria in AD 352, and created fake copper agreements in Portuguese language from

Kerala Kings to prove their arrival etc. The Paraya christians of Kerala, and the terrorist

muslims of Kerala migrated to Tamil Nadu to further their activities.  Christians along with

Page 4

the British created and propagated the Aryan invasion theory which convinced the black

Tamils that they are an inferior community different from the fair Brahmins.  This

propaganda has created a Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu and created Tamil

Terrorists like E.V. Ramasami Naicker also known as Periyar or EVR.  In Tamil Nadu and

Kerala many dirty criminal Christian frauds happened.   The International Institute of Tamil

Studies, sponsored and funded by the Government of Tamil Nadu, had published in 1985­

86 a book titled Viviliyam,   Tirukkural, Shaiva Siddhantam Oppu Ayu. The writer of the

book was a Christian by name M. Deivanayakam. The University of Madras had conferred

a doctor’s degree on the author for writing this dissertation. The thesis propounded by him

was that the ancient Tamil saint, Tiruvalluvar, had become a disciple of St. Thomas and

converted to Christianity.    N. Krishnaswami Reddiar, a retired judge’ of the high court

denounced Deivanayakam’s book as “trash in the name of research.”  The visit of St.

Thomas to India was a myth, and wondered how a book like that by Deivanayakam could

be published by an institute set up by the Government and honored by the University of

Madras with a doctorate. Dr. R. Nagaswami, eminent archaeologist, also censored the

institute and the university for sponsoring a spurious thesis, and said that the St. Thomas

story “was a ruse to spread Christianity in India which is now confirmed by the Pope

himself. Deivanayakam had collaborated with Dr. R. Arulappa, the Catholic Archbishop of

Madras, in writing another but similar book, Perinbu Villakku, published in 1975. The

Archbishop had also tried to prove that Tiruvalluvar had come in contact with St. Thomas

during the latter’s travels in South India, and converted to Christianity. But he had gone

much further, and forged ‘evidence’ on palm­leaf scrolls in support of his thesis. He had

employed a Hindu scholar of Christianity, Ganesh Iyer, for this purpose, and paid him to

the tune of 15 lakh rupees. The fraud had been exposed when someone put the police on

the trail of Ganesh Iyer. The case had dragged on in the Madras metropolitan court from

1980 to 1986 when Ganesh Iyer was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment on various

counts. But Dr. Arulappa had got him acquitted by means of a civil suit for compromise

filed in the Madras High Court at the same time that the criminal case was going on.

Ganesh Iyer had spilled the beans soon after.

Christian Slave traders of yesterday are the human rights activists of today.  Christianity a

trillion dollar business built on fraud and Greatest Cover Up in History.  Christians are a

fifth column community in India.  Kerala Paraya Christians moved in to Tamil Nadu to

create fake histories because they found that Tamilians left in Tamil Nadu have low IQ or

no IQ at all.  Nehru’s illegitimate child was growing up in a christian orphanage in

Bangalore, and this enabled them to blackmail Nehru to allow the missionaries to have

conversion by gun, in the North East states of India.  Antonia Maino coming from the

lowest strata of Italy and an illiterate girl, working as a barmaid in UK was presented by

Opus Dei and KGB in front of Rajiv Gandhi to continue the hold of christians in India.

Christians who worked as the agents of the British were en masse killed in Delhi, during

the first war of Independence in 1857.  Recently christian members of Indian Parliament

elected from all states had attended a meeting of a christian terrorist group of North

Eastern states. This christian terrorist group of North East calls for the creation of christian

nations out of North East India and the christian MPs promised them help.  Recently

Manipur’s congress party chief minister Ibobi Singh donated Rs 1.5 Crore to christian

separatists.  US Senator Barbara Boxer and ex President Jimmy Carter calls for Nagaland

to secede from India.  You have to understand that the Christian missionaries and

Page 5

militants have been working for years to bring most of the states of the northeast to

secede from India to become a separate Christian country, even if it means by force and

brutality. For example, few people seem to be aware that in the small state of Tripura

alone, over 10,000 people have been killed in the past 20 years by Christian militants

through what you could call ethnic cleansing. The killing is done to instill fear in those who

are not Christian, or who do not want to separate from India. And these militants are often

supported by the Christian groups who provide money and reasoning for what they do.

Southern Baptist Church forcing conversions at gun point.   The Baptist Church in

southern USA and the Presbyterian Church of the UK fund the Baptist Christian terrorists

that are active in India”s North­East.   Ex­Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan, told

this in a discussion in 1993. the terrorist groups like NLFT.    The Christian Groups in

America that fund armed insurgents in north east India to carry out ethnic cleansing and

killing in India should be declared as terrorist organizations by the Indian government.

Billy Graham well known Baptist leader openly praised the christian naga terrorists who

had killed some 300,000 Hindus in North East.  The Nagas, The NLFT, The NDFB are all

Baptists are christian terrorists and interestingly they all share terrorist camps with

islamists of Al­Quaida.  Christianity is the result of a huge conspiracy and is the single

most dangerous organization on earth that caused the death of half a billion humans in the

name of religion.  Islam pales in to insignificance as a terror organization in front of

Christianity with only seventy five million human beheadings to its credit.

http://www.haindava PageModule. aspx?PageID= 2885″SKIN=C″threadid=4689

Pope pops St Thomas bubble in Kerala, November 24, 2006”subsection=inbomb



Indians demand answers from Sonia Gandhi on her links

Terrorists in North­East India get support from America

church backing Tripura rebels


Here is a Baptist website

Exodus from Manipur continues″theme=”usrsess=1″id=10546

Page 6

Dutch support revealed for rebels”, .

Terror in Tripura etc­%20Jan.6,%2001/oh4.htm.

As our eminent, progressive, secular, broad-minded, open-minded, liberal and what-not historians can discuss about Rama, Krishna etc., now, perhaps, time has come to discuss about this type of frauds, as they are contemporary and we can get evidences.

Surprisingly, why the historical forums like Indian History Congress, South Indian History Congress, and so many State History Congresses conduct conferences inviting the eminent historians for giving endowment lectures etc., do not bother about such a serious historical frauds, spurious copper plate manufacture, forged-documents and others going on in the name of History?

How it is possible?


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12 Responses to “Is Indian Christianity built on frauds and forgeries?”

  1. vedaprakash Says:

    3 Responses to “Christianity in India: Historical frauds”

    1. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on November 24th, 2007

    This is very serious.

    I do not know how even the people of Tamilnadu do now know what has been going on in our neighbour state, though, very often, we talk about Mullai periyaru, Ayyappa and Gurvayurappan!

    How is that the media blacked out completely?

    Let the criminal acts – murder etc., be taken care of by the law-enforcing authorities.

    But the questions regarding the histoery of Christianity in India is very important.

    The forgeries made by the Portuguese shiuld be compleely exposed.

    I do not know how Sanjay Subramanyam and other scholars who did much research could not expose these historical frauds. Perhaps, they were afraid of their foreign travel grant, stay and other benefits

    Perhaps, the Vasco da Gama must have been the greatest fraud: When he landed, it was reoported that he saw Hindus praying to “Mari, Mari, Mari” and this fellow took it or rather the Portuguese historiasns wrote that he saw Hindus praying “Mary, Mary, Mary”. Anyway “Hail Mary”!

    It is interesting that if the Christianity is found only after the advent of the Europeans, their frauds and forgeries must have been numerous in India.

    How then, the Hollywood film-maker is going to shoot such forgeries and frauds?

    2. Vedaprakash Says:
    Posted on November 25th, 2007

    What I feel is historical frauds cannot be tolerated. That dominant group indulge in manufacturing relics, documents etc., forging false histories and propagating myths and all in the name of religion – that cannot be accepted.

    The following are from the site:

    “As indicated earlier in this profile, forgery has been a recurrent mechanism for substantiating (or undermining) claims to spiritual and temporal authority.

    A landmark in the development of forensics is Lorenzo Valla’s Declamitio de falso credita et ementia donatione Constantini, a renaissance exposure of the ‘Donation of Constantine’ that purported to be a grant by the Emperor Constantine transferring control of Italy and western Europe to the Papacy as appreciation for being cured of leprosy.

    It is discussed in Anthony Grafton’s superb Forgers and Critics: Creativity & Duplicity in Western Scholarship (Princeton: Princeton Uni Press 1990) and Richard Landes’ Relics, Apocalypse, and the Deceits of History: Ademar of Chabannes, 989-1034 (Cambridge: Harvard Uni Press 1988). Context is provided by Alfred Hiatt’s The Making of Medieval Forgeries (London: British Library 2003).

    At a less elevated level the Council of Rome in 745, considering claims by supposed bishop Adelbert, read aloud a “miraculous letter” from Jesus Christ which had very conveniently fallen from heaven and been picked up by the Archangel Michael, who passed it on to Adelbert.

    Peter the Hermit (circa 1090) showed his followers a letter supposedly given to him by Christ at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Jacob of Hungary, organiser of the anti-semitic Crusade of the Shepherds (1251), claimed that the Virgin Mary had appeared to him and provided a personal letter. Alas, she did not gift him with the skill to read that correspondence and it has not survived his campaign of rape and pillage.

    More prosaically the Bancroft Library UC Berkeley disclosed that a “supposedly priceless manuscript” – a Luke gospel lectionary purporting to date from 1328 AD – was in fact concocted after 1900. Anthony Bliss, in ‘Cyclotron Analysis and a Fake Gospel Lectionary of 1328′ in Scriptorium: Revue internationale des études relatives aux manuscrits (XXXVIII, 2) described use of a cyclotron to generate x-rays for forensic analysis of inks, paper and pigments. That examination indicated that the lectionary’s blue ink was cobalt blue (in general use from 1800), the ‘gold’ was brass powder and the ‘parchment’ was merely tinted 19th century paper.

    Forgery of documents and artifacts has not, of course, been restricted to Christianity. Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu (San Francisco: Harper 1995) edited by Brian Walker is for example considered by many scholars to be an eighth century imposture. Forgery of Buddhist documents in China is considered in Dunhuang Manuscript Forgeries (London: British Library 2002) edited by Susan Whitfield.


    An account of the Turin Shroud – claimed to date from the time of Christ but first recorded in about 1389 by the Bishop of Troyes (who described it as a cunning fraud) and recently dated to the 1350s – is given in Clive Prince’s In His Own Image – the Real Story of the Turin Shroud (London: Bloomsbury 1995), Report on the Shroud of Turin (Boston: Houghton Mifflin 1983) by John Heller and more persuasive Inquest on the Shroud of Turin (Buffalo: Prometheus 1983) by Joe Nickell.

    The Shroud is merely the most prominent of Western relics, which prior to the French Revolution included

    around 14 versions of the Holy Prepuce (at Antwerp, Coulombs, Chartres, Charroux, Metz, Conques, Langres, Anvers, Fécamp, Puy-en-Velay, Auvergne, Hildesheim, Santiago de Compostela and Calcata)
    three Holy Umbilical Cords,
    four Spears of Longinus,
    three Crowns of Thorns,
    a large number of Holy Toenail clippings,
    the rods used by Moses and Aaron,
    leftovers from the feeding of the 5,000,
    three arms of St Francis Xavier,
    the shirt of John the Baptist (and a mere three of his heads),
    phials of milk from the Virgin Mary,
    quantities of Christ’s blood,
    His milk teeth
    some 204 bits of babies massacred by Herod
    and what Calvin in one of his more irascible moments described as enough authentic nails from the Crucifixion to fill several barrels.

    His 1543 Traité Des Reliques sniffed at claims to possess fragments of the True Cross

    There is no abbey so poor as not to have a specimen. In some places there are large fragments, as at the Holy Chapel in Paris, at Poitiers, and at Rome, where a good-sized crucifix is said to have been made of it. In brief, if all the pieces that could be found were collected together, they would make a big ship-load. Yet the Gospel testifies that a single man was able to carry it.

    Chaucer’s Pardoner, in The Canterbury Tales, is described as offering

    … a pillow-case
    Which he asserted was Our Lady’s veil.
    He said he had a gobbet of the sail
    That Saint Peter had when he went
    Upon the sea, till Jesus Christ pulled him out.
    He had a cross of metal set with stones
    And, in a glass, a rubble of pig’s bones.
    And with these relics, any time he found
    Some poor up-country parson to astound,
    In one short day, in money down, he drew
    More than the parson in a month or two
    And thus, with feigned flattery and japes
    He made the parson and the people his apes.

    Guibert de Nogent’s 1106 Treatise on Relics had earlier noted that

    Odo, Bishop of Bayeux, eagerly desired the body of St Exuperius, his predecessor, who was honoured with special worship in the town of Corbeil. He paid, therefore, the sum of one hundred pounds to the sacristan of the church which possessed these at relics that he might take them for himself. But the sacristan cunningly dug up the bones of a peasant named Exuperius and brought them to the Bishop. The Bishop, not content with assertion, exacted from him an oath that these bones brought were those of Saint Exuperius. “I swear,” replied the man, “that these are the bones of Exuperius: as to his sanctity I cannot swear, since many earn the title of saints are far indeed from holiness.” Thus the thief assuaged the Bishop’s suspicions and set his mind at rest.

    The ‘Lentulus Letter’ supposedly endorsed by the Vatican in 1454 featured correspondence by Publius Lentulus, a fictive predecessor of Pontius Pilate, to the Roman Senate regarding Christ’s physical appearance – blonde and blue-eyed, but of course – and “raising of the dead”. It is one of several frauds skewered by Edgar Goodspeed’s Modern Apocrypha: Famous “Biblical” Hoaxes (Boston: Beacon Press 1956), a successor of Guibert of Nogent’s 1126 De Sanctis Et Eorum Pigneribus and Jan Hus’ 1405 De Sanguine Christi.

    In the East Marco Polo – whose memoirs have been questioned as inauthentic – claimed that Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan was fobbed off with not one but two fake teeth of the Buddha.

    The trade in relics – and pious frauds by figures such as Rainald of Cologne, who ‘discovered’ the remains of the Magi in Milan during 1162 and shipped them to Cologne, greatly pleasing Emperor Frederick Barbarossa – reflects contemporary greed and different perceptions of authenticity. Provenance was less important than the miracle-working powers of relics: what made a relic authentic was less what it was than what it did.

    Many art forgeries have been identified because in retrospect they simply look wrong. Relics have instead often reached a ‘use-by date’ simply because they ceased to manifest healing or other powers.

    In 2006 forensic specialists debunked the supposed remains of Joan of Arc – a charred fragment of bone and piece of cloth claimed to have been recovered from the Seine at Rouen after Joan was incinerated in 1431. Alas for true believers, who have revered the objects since they were over to the archdiocese of Tours in 1867, the cloth ws dyed rather than burned and the blackened bone appears to have come from a domestic feline rather than a cross-dressing saint. Scientists in 1909 had declared it “highly probable” that the remains were those of Joan.

    For historical perspectives see Medieval Hagiography: An Anthology (New York: Garland 2000) edited by Thomas Head, Jewel in the Ashes: Buddha Relics and Power in Early Medieval Japan (Cambridge: Harvard Uni Press 2000) by Brian Ruppert, The Cult of the Saints: Its Rise and Function in Latin Christianity (Chicago: Chicago Uni Press 1981) by Peter Brown, Living with the Dead in the Middle Ages (Ithaca: Cornell Uni Press 1994) and Furta Sacra: Thefts of Relics in the Central Middle Ages (Princeton: Princeton Uni Press 1990) by Patrick Geary, Restless Bones: The Story of Relics (London: Constable 1985) by James Bentley, Pilgrimage: An Image of Mediaeval Religion (London: Faber 1975) by Jonathan Sumption and The Holy Blood (Cambridge: Cambridge Uni Press 2001) by Nicholas Vincent.

    Selling Jerusalem: Relics, Replicas, Theme Parks (Chicago: Uni of Chicago Press 2006) by Annabel Wharton includes contemporary relic commercialisation, such as sale on eBay of purported True Cross fragments. The author of this site encountered an eBay offer, in 2007, of a package of relics from the Holy Shroud, Mary’s Veil, Joseph’s cloak – a snap at US$2,980 but alas lacking a hair from the tail of the donkey or a flake of rust from Longinus’ spear. The same vendor offers a splinter from the Holy Crib, part of the Holy Reed, a rock from Calvary and a stone from the site of the Resurrection – “Bid with confidence, the authenticity is guaranteed!”.

    1. How such evidences manufactured are throusted on others?
    2. How historians do not question?
    3. How such fakes, forgeries and frauds are circyulted as history?
    4. Particularly, in india, how and why the secular, progressive, eminent, leading historians keep quite?

    Here, only I doubt the credentials of the involved persons.

    Let the Christians believe in “Jesus Christ” as othes believe in their respective Gods. No problem at all.

    But believing one god does not take away the right of other believer to believe his / her god.

    The right to disbelieve god or anything does take away the right of other to believe.

    And both need not fight with each other about one’s act of believing or disbelieving.

    Here only, the real difference comes and the pseudo-atheists can be exposed easily or they themseves get exposed by their utterancs.

    3. MNachiappan Says:
    Posted on November 27th, 2007

    1. The book ‘Native life of Travancore’ written by The Rev. Samuel Mateer F L S and published in 1883 have a chapter called Syrian Christians from page 158. Rev. Samuel Mateer while traveling throughout Kerala had stayed in many places and had talked with many of the Kerala Syrian christians. He found that none of the converts have heard of Jesus Christ and does not know why a cross was being worshiped. Kotarakara Syrian church doorway was sketched in his book and it shows a cock engraved along with the cross and armed figures. The book clearly indicates that the Syrian Christians of Kerala are the untouchable Hindu caste called ‘Paraya community’ converts. The marriageable ages of boys were 10 years, and that of the girls were 7 years. The married couple can enter the house only after ‘nellum niram’ and with the lamp in the hand of the girl. The women make ‘kurava’ a shrill cry during this time. Fasting for the dead are kept for a year by a relative in the family. Syrian Christians consult sorcerers and offerings are made to the demons (Hindu Gods). When the head of the untouchable Hindu Paraya community is dead, as per the customary caste law of Parayas, they bury the corpus of the deceased head Parayas or moopan in sitting posture instead of the usual practice of keeping the dead body in lying position. Primitive burial practices of Parayas are still being practiced by the Syrian christians in Kerala. The Syrian Christians of Kerala bury the corpse of their christian bishops in the same manner as the Hindu Parayas who bury their head Parayas or Moopan. The historical records and even the burial patterns show that Syrian christians of Kerala are Paraya converts. Syrian Christians of Kerala maintained the ritual of offering obsequies for the souls of the dead ancestors as that of the practice of Parayas. The obsequies for the dead ancestors contained blood, flesh and intoxicating drinks. These are all typical local Kerala customs of Paraya community.
    # If one goes by this noting, it is evident that cfhristians must have manipulated mjany things in Kerala to legitimatize their religion in many ways. Ironically, they warring Christian groups had even gone to Supreme Court. After reading this note, I understand that the feud or war among them have hidden truth.

    2. Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 said that St Thomas had preached Christianity in “western” India and did not visit Kerala. The Kerala Paraya christian converts created two conflicting stories to show that they are of higher Hindu caste converts to Christianity. One group of Paraya christians, created a story that they were converts of Brahmins, by St. Thomas who had arrived in Kerala in 52AD. This fake St. Thomas story is proved to be a fraud after the
    present Nazi Pope Joseph Ratzinger, who was a Hitler Youth and head of Opus Dei, told
    that St. Thomas visited the present Pakistan and never went to Kerala.
    # As the Pope was also involved in the Arulappa-Ganesh Iyer fraud, their speech, that too, contradicting only expose the fraud.

    3. This crooked Paraya christians of Kerala operating from Tamil Nadu even created martyrdom for St. Thomas in Chennai, in a fake story in which st. Thomas was killed by a Brahmin. They destroyed the Kapileswara temple near the seashore with the help of Europeans and constructed a St. Thomas church using some of the temple stones. These Paraya christians of Kerala created a St. Thomas mount in Chennai from where they are now
    selling sacred Thomas sand by the kilos, claiming that Thomas walked all over that area.
    # Poor Thomas cannot have many-many bodies, as he could have only one, if at all, he existed historically. According to Acts of Thomas, he was killed by the soldiers of Gondhaporus and he was burried in Mesapotamia. How then, his body goes to different countries? nway, all the bodies should have skeletons and they could be subjected to study and dating.
    #As for as selling the sand, perhaps, they could excel DGS Dinakaran!

    4. Another group of Paraya christian converts of Kerala claims that they are refugees from
    Syria in AD 352, and created fake copper agreements in Portuguese language from
    Kerala Kings to prove their arrival etc.
    # The Copper-plates could be dated to expose the feraud and forgeries.

    5. The Paraya christians of Kerala, and the terrorist muslims of Kerala migrated to Tamil Nadu to further their activities. Christians along with the British created and propagated the Aryan invasion theory which convinced the black Tamils that they are an inferior community different from the fair Brahmins. This propaganda has created a Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu and created Tamil Terrorists like E.V. Ramasami Naicker also known as Periyar or EVR. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala many dirty criminal Christian frauds happened.
    # Who has written the note is nmott known. The author has to give proof or reference for this type of conclusions made.

    6. The International Institute of Tamil Studies, sponsored and funded by the Government of Tamil Nadu, had published in 1985­-86 a book titled Viviliyam, Tirukkural, Shaiva Siddhantam Oppu Ayu. The writer of the book was a Christian by name M. Deivanayakam. The University of Madras had conferred a doctor’s degree on the author for writing this dissertation. The thesis propounded by him was that the ancient Tamil saint, Tiruvalluvar, had become a disciple of St. Thomas and converted to Christianity. N. Krishnaswami Reddiar, a retired judge’ of the high court denounced Deivanayakam’s book as “trash in the name of research.” The visit of St. Thomas to India was a myth, and wondered how a book like that by Deivanayakam could be published by an institute set up by the Government and honored by the University of
    Madras with a doctorate.
    # It is unbecoming on part of University of Madras to confer Ph.D for such fradulent research. The world world would laugh at the the frauds and forgeries committed by the Arulappa & Deivanayagam gang in the name of history.
    # It is ironical how the lovers of tamil, particuarly, the Tamil schols / Pundits, experts of Tirukkural and Tiruvalluvar kept quite? On the face of it, the whole story exposes the feaud. How then, the University could accept it?
    # Even now, the authorities should withdraw the Ph.D and announce the fraud openly. as otherwise, it would be great disgrace for the University, as this fradulent fellow also a Dr. with Ph.D and so-many other hard-working, genuine researchers and others also Dr. with Ph.Ds. Then, what is the difference?
    # In fact, S. V. Subramanian, who was the Director of IITS, Taramani was trapped by Annie Thomas and with that contact (later it weas reported that both were married and so on), Arulappa forced Subramanian to accept and institute a chair in IITS for which he funded graciously. Under that Christian Chair only, Deivanayagam proceeded to present his spurious research stories, get published in the name of IITS and got Ph.D!

    7. Dr. R. Nagaswami, eminent archaeologist, also censored the institute and the university for sponsoring a spurious thesis, and said that the St. Thomas story “was a ruse to spread Christianity in India which is now confirmed by the Pope himself. Deivanayakam had collaborated with Dr. R. Arulappa, the Catholic Archbishop of Madras, in writing another but similar book, Perinbu Villakku, published in 1975. The Archbishop had also tried to prove that Tiruvalluvar had come in contact with St. Thomas during the latter’s travels in South India, and converted to Christianity. But he had gone much further, and forged ‘evidence’ on palm­leaf scrolls in support of his thesis. He had employed a Hindu scholar of Christianity, Ganesh Iyer, for this purpose, and paid him to the tune of 15 lakh rupees. The fraud had been exposed when someone put the police on the trail of Ganesh Iyer. The case had dragged on in the Madras metropolitan court from 1980 to 1986 when Ganesh Iyer was sentenced to ten months’ imprisonment on various counts. But Dr. Arulappa had got him acquitted by means of a civil suit for compromise filed in the Madras High Court at the same time that the criminal case was going on. Ganesh Iyer had spilled the beans soon after.
    # The whole story is well recorded by K. P. Sunil and then by Vedaprakash and Ishwar Sharan in their books.
    # In fact, it is intriguing that within a year or some months, Arulappa was stripped off of his Bishop and he died immediately. The events look like another “Da Vinci Code”!
    # therefore, with all these, that the fraud is going on as “history” in india, then, these frauds and forgerers could be given noble prize also!

  2. vedaprakash – backtype | CockBot Says:

    […] :: Is Indian Christianity built on frauds and forgeries? […]

  3. Indian Family Law Guide Says:

    We got to really appreciate the work done, very informative! keep it up.

  4. George Says:


    • vedaprakash Says:

      If any god is real / true God, he would forgive everybody.

      If the real God knows that he is the God, then, he would not worry about other God!

  5. Jeff Says:

    ISIAIh 41 BRING forth your IDOLS did they PREACH to you see they can’t speak they can’t DO ANYTHING all they do is cause confusion. Jeremiah 10 they nail thier IDOL down like a scarecrow it can’t move cant speak can’t move must be carired these are nothing but the WORK of CON men. spalms 115 graven images have eyes but cant see have ears but cant hear have noses but cant smell and those that make them shall become like them. john 10 jesus christ sais his sheep hear his voice and another voice thy will not follow and if another person tries to preach to them they WILL FLEE from him. jeremiah 5 the priests bear rule on thier own authority what will you do when your judged my word is not inside them. Now here is the kicker john 5 son of man voice goes back in time mathew 16 jesus christ claims to be the son of man. ‎1 cor2 mind of CHRIST preached internally and john 16 sais the spirit of truth comes in the future. Ezekiel 13 lying prophets of ISRAEL my word is not inside them saying god sais god sais god sais wrote hoping mankind would CONFIRM thier WORDS. all of this is EASILY verifiable.

    • vedaprakash Says:

      If you quote Bible like this with faith, I respect your sentiments, but if it is argued as history, then only the problem starts, as most of the documents based on which the quoted bible has been brought out have proved to be forgeries.

  6. mohanlal Says:

    lol what a load of nonsense. You really need therapy.

    • vedaprakash Says:

      As I have mentioned many times, I allow the comments as such, as it would only shows the nature of the person.

      If the article contains “nonsense” or “sense”, you have to prove it with evidences and it is not the way you have chosen.

      As for as the fraudulent activities carried on, there have been court documents, besides archaeological evidences. Moreover, the contemporary events have been well witnessed and recorded.

  7. david blaine levitation Says:

    how to levitate like david blaine…

    […]Is Indian Christianity built on frauds and forgeries? « inculturation[…]…

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